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We are currently closed for reviews, but if you are looking for a spotlight, please feel free to reach out to us via one of the channels linked above! Besides of the usual interview and guest post, we have a handful of super fun features you can try your hands at.

  • What the Hungarian?!: You might not know, but I happen to be Hungarian (born and raised, baby), and I like to make people very uncomfortable when encountering my beautiful language. In this feature, I give the very brave people 5 passages from books they've read (I usually use your GR read shelf for this), a couple of hints to make it a bit easier, and then cackle in the background while you try to figure out what the Hungarian?!

  • Tales from the Asylum: In this, I'll ask you to put your (already existing or completely new) character in a magically warded asylum, pick a room for your character and a task, and write a short story of 5K words tops.

  • Stuck in the Pages: In this, I ask you to pick a familiar book, and, well, I get you stuck in the pages. I'd rather not say more about it.

  • Party with the Stars: You can throw a party for your characters!

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Join to this Bingo-like challenge where we used only music related prompts. Read books, check squares and just have fun!


We are back! Follow Queen's Book Asylum's journey into SPFBO 8.


We now have a budding Discord server so we could better connect with authors and readers alike! We'd like for everyone to have a good time chatting, making friends and just enjoying the company of like-minded people!